What Is DG Homes?
DG Homes is a simple one stop solution for all your renovation 'design and build' needs. We believe that for any renovation project, only a designer will not give you exactly what you need, but also engineers, architects, material procuring technique and experienced execution team are also beneficial. So according to our thoughts and experiences we help in providing an ease of having a single point of contact as chasing multiple individuals for different work. Our main motive of providing these services to homeowners is to make renovation work hassle free so that you can concentrate on other work as well.
Do DG Homes Have Their Own Building Tradesman?
Ans Yes, DG Homes have developed a strong team of execution team including carpenters, plumbers, electricians, plasters, and tillers as well as Professionals such as draftsmen, engineers, designers, and project managers. From the building designer who will work with you on your design, to the craftsman who builds your stairs or installs your kitchen cabinetry, all of the talented professionals that work on your project are our own.By engaging teams of professionals DG Homes are able to ensure quality of workmanship as well as providing cost savings to our clients and expert attention to their requirements
How Much Will It Cost?
The design we develop for your house extension or house renovation will be designed with your particular budget in mind. We do not charge for the first consultation and our home renovation consultants will work with you to ensure you pay cost worth of work.
How Will You Ensure Good Finishing Of The Work?
DG Homes believe in On site Execution, Our Project Engineer will completely execute your project & look for quality work
Do you provide civil or structural support as well?
Yes, with experienced architects working in the firm, we do extend such support but we do not engage in only civil work. The company promises to be creatively active in all its work and therefore, we do not indulge in any activity of contractual work rather than a designer’s aspect.
What material do you generally use for kitchen and wardrobes?
There is a lot of buzz about what goes into the beautiful creations. We at DG Homes stand tall for our trust in the workmanship and quality of raw material. An establishment thriving its way to the top of the game is here to stay and before we provide products or slip a word of recommendation, we need to be 100% sure of what we can provide best. For Kitchen, we use hot boiling proof ply that are of the most genuine form of its making. The internal fittings are the product of the top-notch brands available in the market. Similarly, for the wardrobes, we use ply that promises brilliant shelf life to the households. Our market research are always strong and we try and delivers makes that are tuned to the global standards. The designs & finishes of such kind that are great to look at & even better to experience.
Do you have any furniture ready at the moment to see?
When it comes to designing one’s own space and considering the monetary applications, we do understand the prospect customer’s inclination to see the products in person. But what DG Homes can offer is to see a complete space with every element in place that we have customized on site. We refrain from working as retailers as the idea of design is seen at its zenith in a Concept. Some property visits can help you in making the trustful decision.
What are you general timelines for a residential project?
Realistic timelines are the need of the industry as we may say. The accuracy that is achieved time & again in DG Homes, for more than 85% to be precise. Although the realistic time frame can be calculated post an elaborate discussion over a cup of good coffee. The precision of great importance needs an exact study of the scope of work, site location, details of design requirements and current site status etc. To help you with an informed guess, a generous 4000 sq ft apartment done up with flooring, kitchen and bathrooms take about 4 months inclusive with one month of designing. The promised date is marked upon the team’s calendar who work beyond great measures to welcome you in the comforts of your new abode.